Pool Cleaning, Service and Repair

Protect your swimming pool from costly repairs with routine cleaning and maintenance. A vital part of the routine is a thorough cleaning, to ensure the whole system runs smoothly. Committing your time and energy to a cleaning and maintenance schedule may not be an option, you may need to have it done for you. Whether you do it yourself or hire help, prevention is fundemental to avoiding expensive and stressful problems later on.

The Pool Police Will Serve and Protect Your Pool

North Dallas Sparkling Clean Swimming Pool an Spa

Keeping a pool running efficiently is more than just skimming out leaves. Scrubbing the walls is hard work, checking the chemicals and equipment is time comsuming. It's a necessary chore, which not only makes the water enjoyable but extends the life of expensive pool equipment.

Do you need help maintaining your swimming pool and spa? With our professional weekly pool cleaning and maintenance services offered at reasonable rates, "We've Got You Covered!" Call today for a free quote.

North Dallas Swimming Pool Repair

Does your pool have mechanical or electrical problems? Are you looking for professional service at a reasonable rate?

The most common pool repairs are mechanical and electrical components. The life of these parts can be prolonged through proper maintenance and weekly cleaning however it is inevitable that they will need replacing at some point in time. The Pool Police can fix mechanical or electrical problems. We hire licensed, insured technicians who are trained and experienced with pool repair. Contact the Pool Police for a free equipment repair quote.