The Pool Police Cleaning and Repair Service History

The company was founded in 2005, by two off-duty police officers, as a swimming pool cleaning and repair service for homeowners in the Coppell, Texas area. Due to their reliable and efficient work ethics, Mr. Eric Debus and Mr. Casey Sessions experienced a growth in their client base through word-of-mouth referrals in the following years.

In 2011 Eric's performance within the police department earned him a promotion which required more of his time. His loyalty to the pool cleaning business didn't allow for closing the service and he was determined to find a new owner.

At this time Eric's older brother, Joris F. Debus III was considering options for a business venture to invest in. After reviewing the Pool Police's history, business model and potential for growth he decided it would be worthwhile to persue. Eric was confident that his clients would continue to receive the quality and dependable service which they had been accustom to.

With Mr. J.F. Debus in control, the Pool Police mission is to become the leading provider of pool cleaning and maintenance services to homehowners, building owners and property management firms in the North Dallas area.