The Pool Police Pool Cleaning Service

Offering North Dallas pool owners reliable and quality service at a reasonable price is the business model the Pool Police stands upon. We owe our continued growth to the practice of good business ethics and knowledgeable experienced employees. When you hire us to help with your swimming pool needs you can expect satifaction.

Swimming Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Services

The routine cleaning and maintenance services are performed weekly through-out the year to ensure that your pool runs efficently, and maintains its sparkle.

Our service includes more than the cleaning chores. We can treat the water with the proper chemicals such as; Shock, DE, muiatic acid or others. Motors are checked for leaks, and serviced if necessay. Auto pool cleaners are checked for proper operation as well.

Pricing for the routine cleaning service is based on individual pool requirements and conditions. Home pool cleanings can be as low as $150/mo. depending on factors such as pool size and whether or not there are special conditions.

Weekly Pool Services

  • Check Water Chemisty
  • Add Necessary Chemicals - inculding but not limited to shock, DE, or muiatic acid.
  • Empty All Filter Baskets.
  • Check Motors - for leaks and proper operation.
  • Check Auto Pool Cleaner - for proper operation.
  • Net and/or Vacuum - including spa.
  • Brush Walls - pool and spa.
  • Check List provided upon client request.

Contact The Pool Police for a Routine Pool Cleaning Quote.
There is no charge or obligation for the initial inspection and evaluation.

Seasonal Pool Filter Cleans

Swimming pool filters are vital components responsible for keeping the pool equipment running efficiently. A clogged filter will cause the pump pressure to rise which strains the motor. A proper cleaning of the filter will release trapped debris, chemicals, body lotions, and oils; this should be done periodically to avoid costly repairs.

There are different types of filters however they all need maintenance and eventually they will need to be replaced. Thorough cleanings, as needed, will extend the life of the filter. Pool use and the kinds of contaminants in the filter are factors which determine how often to clean the filter. Generally filters will need cleaning once or twice a season. If the pool pressure doesn't return to normal after a filter clean then the filter needs to be replaced.

The Pool Police Pricing for Filter Cleaning: $90 each time.